Real Funny Stories Podcast - Strip Club Clinic, Fake Wedding, Petty Hero, Dinosaurs Among Us

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Las Vegas officials held a pop-up vaccine clinic at a strip club. “Nothing says vaccinations like a stripper pole.” More

A German woman revealed she faked her own wedding in a bid to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend. Just three months after their split, she pulled out all the stops for an elaborate wedding day, even hiring an actor to pretend to be her groom.  “This level of dedication is either completely psychotic or absolutely genius.” More

TikTok users are falsely claiming that vaccinated people will soon die, leaving them to inherit the earth. Some versions of the claim state that each person who has received the vaccine will die in “three years, as a generous estimate,” per one video making the rounds.  “I am Optimus Prime and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars. We are here. We are waiting.” More

A Los Angeles-based woman is being hailed as a "petty hero" after traveling 6,000 miles from LA to Seoul in order to take down the padlock that she and her ex-boyfriend placed on Seoul's famous Love Lock Bridge two years ago. The Love Lock Bridge, known as a place where couples secure a custom padlock to the bridge's chainlink side as a symbol of their ever-lasting long, is an international phenomenon and different iterations exist in many cities around the world. More

An army of women on TikTok have successfully convinced men they have to peel their faces off while on their period. More

A former NASA scientist who has now decided to apply his skills to more earthly problems, like the fact that squirrels keep trying to eat all the bird seed out of the feeders in his backyard. Having spent more time studying his adversaries, he has developed a new, even more elaborate maze.  “I never thought I’d be that crazy guy in the neighborhood obsessing over the squirrels, but they started it first when they would constantly pillage the bird seed from any bird feeder I would put up.” More

A bridezilla made her four bridesmaids buy new dresses on the wedding day, asked friends to spend hours setting up the venue, nixed food and alcohol for the reception, and ordered guests to clean up afterwards.  She also revealed she is becoming a Mormon for her new husband, causing her parents and some family members to leave the venue. “Every time I hear a bride say she’s ‘laid back’...I know the work is gonna fall on everyone else and/or be a shit show.” More

A woman who is married to herself insists the process has made her more eligible because it has taught her how to deal with her own issues so a partner doesn't have to. “I’m totally open to having a partner but I don’t necessarily see it as the only path to living a happy and fulfilled life.”  More

A study revealed that nearly half of Americans think dinosaurs still roam the Earth. Six in 10 people agreed that there once was a dinosaur called the “Doyouthinktheysaurus.” More

A woman claims her babies were swapped not once, but twice, after giving birth in the hospital. “They wheeled in a baby girl and they were like…here’s your daughter, and we were like…she’s already in the room with us." More


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It seems like every week Texas Sno Fruit comes out with some crazy delicious concoction that keeps us coming back for more. This week it was Key Lime Pie! The slice of pie was on top of the shaved iced and seemed to defy the laws of gravity. It was delicious!

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